Hensen Chair

The Hensen Chair fits every interior, thanks to its timeless silhouette!

The towering wharf cranes situated in front of Kranen/Gille’s first studio at the banks of the river Maas sparked the shape and construction of the Hensen chair. Although it refers to heavy industry and has  strong geometry the chair is light on the eye and very comfortable.

The Hensen Chairs and barstools are always produced according to client specifications regarding colour and types of upholstery


Although it may seem a bit spartan, the chair and barstool can be very well used with a steel seat and back. It actually provides good comfort this way. With cushions, upholstered in sustainable fabrics the chairs will of course offer more comfort. You can choose whether to upholster the seat and the back or just the seat. The Lounge chair always have cushions.



Locally produced in the Netherland within a 10 km radius.





The Hensen Barstool is a compact barstool that offers a lot of comfort through the backrest and still allows you to sit sideways due to the flat seat.
The seating height can be customized per order. This way the barstool will always fit the bar height in your project.

Made of steel tubular profiles the chairs are surprisingly light and are very comfortable. Like all Hensen chair types he barstools are always produced according to client specifications. 

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Lounge chair

The Hensen Lounge chair is the most laid back family member. It is comfortable but not too lazy. Due to the fact it is light weight it's ideal for high density informal areas.

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Custom colors and fabrics!

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